Social Welfare & Relief


Central Government and Provincial Councils

Providing Relief for Disabled Persons

List of Beneficiaries Rs. 5000 / -for livelihood assistance 


Infornation Cards


Providing Relief to Senior Citizens

List of Senior Citizenship Beneficiaries over 70 years of age

Infornation Cards

  • Payment of Pranama Living Allowance to Senior Citizens Over 100 Years·          
  • Payment of subsistence allowance to senior citizens who are below 70 years of age·          
  • Providing hearing aids and contact lenses for senior citizens below 60 years of age
  • Preparation of Elders Identity Cards for Senior Citizens under 60 years of age


Providing relief to low income people

  • Issue of Public Assistance Cards for low income families - Application
  • Providing Casual Subsidies to Low Income People
  • Providing medical aid for cancer / tuberculosis / leprosy / thalassemia / kidney patients - Application



Providing self employment assistance under single parent family development program

Application & Information card


Benefit from the Framework footprint of the National Disabled Secretariat

Application & Information card


Aid for education

  •  List of School Students receiving Educational Assistance2019
  • List of students receiving Mahapola and University scholarships - 2019 

News & Events


Quarantine details


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