Information Officer

Mrs. T.G.S. Sajeewani - Assistant Divisional Secretary

Contact No { Office :-    +94 912296699     Mobile :-    +94714476701


 Appointed Officer

Mrs. C.P. Rajakaruna - Divisional Secretary

Contact No { Office :-    +94912296436     Mobile :-    +94 714451310

Right to information

1.  The Nagoda Divisional Secretariat operates according to the Act No. 48 of 2016 to ensure the right of people to access information that has been accepted in accordance with       Article 14 A of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka.


 Ways to get information

  1.          By submitting the application - RTI01 Download Here

       ii.         By submitting a letter specifying the details

      iii.         In case of a written request, verbally

     iv.          By sending a written request by email (fax)

2.     If you receive your request, you will be notified immediately that it was received.

3.    Within 14 days of receiving the request

      i. Information that can be provided and the amount due


     ii. Reasons that the information was refused

 You will be notified.

4.  When making a decision to provide information, fees will be levied within 14 days.

5.  If the information can not be provided within 14 days, you will be informed of the extended period.

6. Charges will be charged under section 4 of the series of rules published in the gazette of 2004/66 for providing information

Appeal procedure

 The appeal can be appealed within 14 days to the Divisional Secretary who is the designated officer in this company in the following cases.

  1. Refusing to accept a request for information
  2. Refusing to provide information on the reason for the release of the information given in section 05 of the Act
  3. Failure to take necessary action in due course
  4. Provide incomplete, incorrect, misleading information
  5. Charge extra charges
  6. Reject giving information as requested

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