Procurement process

  • Identification of work, services and supply needs·        
  • Approval for work, services and supplies·        
  • Preparation and approval of bidding documents·        
  • Receive and open bids·        
  • Bid valuation·        
  • Procurement Committee final decision·        
  • Final Award

Order within two weeks after completing the price


Purchasing goods and distributing them to relevant societies ·        

  • Project approved letter·        
  • Relevant Society, Verification of Organization registration·        
  • Ask about the necessity of the goods regarding the goods·        
  • Sending the goods to the account section to purchase goods·        
  • Having informed the Accounts Division that the goods have been purchased, the Society / Institutions and people's representatives should be made aware of it·        
  • Handing over the goods to the relevant society

Purchase within 15 days to inform the Freight Forwarding Member

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