Payment of pension 


  1. 01. How do you contribute to the widows 'orphans' salary scheme?

Submission of the completed 86 forms to the Department of Pensions should be submitted.

 *  Original birth certificate

*  Birth certificate of spouse (if married)

*  Original Birth Certificate and Birth Certificate of the children


  1.  How to qualify for a pension?

months continuous service in a post entitled to pension.


  1.  How to get Widows '& Orphans' Pension?

Widow / Widower Widow Widow, Unmarried female children under the age of 26, unemployed male children under 26 years of age.


4. How can a death gratuity be credited?

After the death of the officer who has a permanent pension for a continuous 60 month uninterrupted service, his dependent is eligible to receive the death gratuity.


5. What is a Transferred Guarantee?

The composite gratuity is equivalent to 24 times the unreduced monthly pension.


6. What is deducted pension?

The pension will be reduced by the pension for a period of 10 years by the pensioner. The pension will be paid to the pensioner after 10 years.



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